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Production of jacquard harness accessories: comber boards, healds, springs, harnesses and Low Pins.

High quality, Long life endurance, Reliable.

Comber Boards

comber board

Our comber board is produced with omogeneous (Monolater) vulcanised fiber to resist to rubbing of the cord during the life of harness.

Healds & Springs

Jacquard healds

Wire Healds are steel nickel plated, top lancia and bottom is printed with a threaded plastic drop at high precision;

Springs are produced in steel wire, they are heat treated for high speed loom


Harness in mounting box

This is the alternative to the traditional assmbled harness. We supply to the customer all componets necessary to assmble the harness directly on the loom.

Low Pins

guiding board

The material used for Low pins is polyethylene which ensure high resistence and long life to the low assembly of the harness.

Jacquard Harnesses

Jacquard harness, healds, springs

Harnesses are fully produced and assebled in italy with our materials and emplyers to give to the customer the best possible quality.

Our construction guarantees a long life.

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