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Our Vision
Company Profile

We think that the textile sector in Italy will decrease in the next future, low quality products and mass products will disappear in Italy keeping only the high quality products with little production.

mass products will done in country with low cost manpower, in these countries the production will increase absorbing the loss of the old industrialized countries.

Europe will mantein the resarch and the export of high quality materials for the contruction of harnesses, looms and jacquard machine.

Italtex di Marelli Mattia born in 2010.

The forty-year collaboration with important company as staubli, Panter SRL, Locati SNC, Startes SPA, ATG sas and Picanol resulted in a broad knowledge in the harness market.

knoweledge in the materials and their quality has allowed the company to become the supplyer for many Italian manufacturers of harnesses and foreign dealers.

Now Italtex want to export its vision and quality in the world.


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